Document Composition for SAP®

DoXite for SAP systems is designed to be one solution for all requirements of document design and document output within an organization, regardless of the data source and delivery requirements.

In this respect, most software applications provide only limited possibilities. The graphic capabilities of a document layout tool often end with the document design, and the configuration of the system thereafter cannot or only insufficiently be performed graphically (e.g. by editing of configuration files). Therefore, such a limited system will be difficult – and costly – to manage.

Furthermore, large and complex organizations in particular must be able to break down their document business output into manageable units and separate those units logically, in order to provide both local and global flexibility.


Sap Netweaver Certified.png

SAP Interfaces Certification

External formatting tools in use with an SAP system should be certified for use with SAP. There are three official certifiable interfaces and DoXite is certified for all three.

There are:

  • BC-RDI (Raw Data Interface) – typically for huge print volumes (utilities, telecommunications, etc.)
  • BC-XSF (XML for Smart Forms) – allows SAP Smart Forms capabilities to be extended with an external document formatting tool.
  • BC-XFP (XML for PDF) – allows Adobe LiveCycle Designer projects to be extended with an external document formatting tool.

DoXite for SAP systems is the ideal complement to SAP tools, because it ...

  • offers functions for automatic distribution and sorting of SAP documents via several output channels (print, archive, email, fax, file) using distribution lists.
  • supports special functions for printed output: tray selection, adding supplements/forms per document.
  • includes functions for envelope package control, prepares the output (incl. collection of various document types per envelope) for postage optimization.
  • supports output of additional marked copies for all output devices.
  • produces barcodes for all output devices incl. archive without requiring barcode fonts on the output device.
  • complements SAP output by adding external resources, e.g. data-controlled insertion of graphic data, dynamic insertion of images in publishing (e.g. ad invoice with inserted ad) and thus also supports possibilities of personalizing the documents.
  • supports existing SAP documents (all SAP data output formats: OTF/SAPGOF, RDI, ABAP- List, XSF), processes them further or refines them.


Increase performance

  • Relieve load on SAP server
  • Create document layouts faster and maintain them more easily

Use one tool for all documents

  • No matter whether from SAPscript, SAP Smart Forms, RDI, XSF or XFP
  • Also supports other business applications

Save costs

  • Uniform tool
  • Dynamic forms – saves paper and postage!
  • Economical, user-friendly solution

Use additional features

  • Bundling, splitting, sorting, barcodes,
  • Adding external resources (images, etc.)