DoXite for SAP® systems

Document composition for SAP® systems.

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The ideal complement to SAP® tools

Automatic distribution and sorting of SAP® documents

Via several output channels (print, archive, email, fax, file) using distribution lists.

Includes functions

For envelope package control, prepares the output (incl. collection of various document types per envelope) for postage optimization.

Supports special functions

For printed output such as tray selection, adding supplements/forms per document.

Produces barcodes

For all output devices incl. archive without requiring barcode fonts on the output device.

Supports existing SAP® documents

And processes them further or refines them.

Complements SAP® output

By adding external resources - data-controlled insertion of graphic data, dynamic insertion of images in publishing, also supports possibilities of personalizing documents.


Increase performance

Relieve load on SAP® server, create documents layouts faster and maintain them more easily.

Use one tool for all documents

No matter whether from SAPscript, smartforms, RDI, XSF or XFP.

Save costs

Uniform tool, dynamic forms that save paper and postage.

Use additional features

Bundling, splitting, sorting, barcodes as well as adding external resources such as images, etc.

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