Output Device Administrator for SAP®

The more complex your SAP printer network, the more important becomes the new mySPAD software product by DETEC.

Companies using SAP systems are running a number of systems in parallel; big companies with many branches or offices are often running some hundreds of SAP ERP systems and have to administrate thousands of printers and their system definitions.

However, mySPAD improves the administration even when only a few parallel SAP systems are in use.

Single Point of Administration

  • Centrally, via its web browser GUI, mySPAD administrates the printer definition for several SAP systems and – optionally – at the same the required printer definition in the output management or print spooling system.
  • mySPAD can also be configured for interaction with other output management systems or basic print spooling systems such as CUPS under Linux or the AIX spooling system.