The DETEC company, founded in 1986 in Germany, specializes in solutions for document-based corporate communications. The major products in the core output management business field are the widely used LibertySoft system (also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories) and its successor DoXite. They can automatically turn raw source data from diverse applications into professionally formatted, well-structured documents in any layout the customer requires. The generated documents can then be distributed to recipients within or outside the company in paper-based or electronic format via printer, fax, e-mail, as a digital archive copy, or on the Web/intranet.

To date, numerous companies have integrated our solutions for automated document production and distribution into their digital workflows. Many customers from various industries use LibertySoft in combination with SAP® R/3® or mySAP.com® for the production of customer-specific documents. The current customers include companies active in the automotive and supplier industry, in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and IT industries, telecommunications companies, utility providers, banks, as well as private, communal and public IT service providers. Owing to this breadth, we are one of the most experienced document composition and output channeling specialists on the market.