An integrated Suite for Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

Users expect a great experience every time they interact with your business. They want digital and printed communications that are relevant and engaging, delivered any way they choose. However, adapting business applications to work with the mobile, web and social media touch points favored by many customers can be time consuming and costly.

Unlock the Power of Digital Content

Every day, documents and digital information drive countless customer interactions and deliver vital information throughout your business. Making sure the right content reaches the right people – in whatever digital or paper format they need – has never been more important.

DoXite is available as part of the Columbus enterprise information management (EIM) suite from Macro 4 . The Columbus software suite orchestrates the creation, capture, security, storage and delivery of documents and data, connecting people and processes with the information they need, and providing business intelligence for more informed decision making.

Integrated Thinking

By utilizing the technologies available within the Columbus software platform, you can deliver a wide range of solutions to your business, including customer communications management (CCM), enterprise content management (ECM) and digital process orchestration, as well as providing a 360 degree view of your customers.

Columbus lets you share business content easily across multiple channels and applications, create compelling, personalized communications, and meet your regulatory obligations for managing documents and unstructured data. This automated yet customized approach is designed to help you engage more effectively with customers, employees and business partners, and meet their individual needs.

Columbus enables you to manage communications in a totally integrated way, without making changes to your core business-critical applications and is:

  • Scalable and distributed to fit your business
  • Highly available through cluster support and VM proven
  • Multi-platform, mixed platform and cloud capable
  • Web enabled and SAP® certified (BC-XOM, SAP NetWeaver®, BC-AL and ILM) out of the box

In addition to DoXite, Columbus consists of the following components, which can be deployed as standalone solutions or as part of a comprehensive EIM platform:

  • Columbus Central orchestrates complex communication workflows, manages and integrates the interactions between systems, people and channels to help deliver more customer-centric outcomes.
  • Columbus DW captures and shares files and documents while meeting data protection and compliance requirements.
  • Columbus OM streamlines business-critical printing from a single point of control, for early detection and prevention of output problems.
  • Columbus Z enables optimal output management on IBM Z.
  • Columbus Accounting delivers business intelligence by collecting operational data for detailed reports that help to identify potential cost savings and create actionable insights.