Better Documents & Communication

What does LibertySoft do?
LibertySoft transforms source data automatically into formatted documents or simply into a new required format suitable for your communications requirements (B2B, B2C), such as XML, PDF or HTML.

It can output the formatted documents or required output data stream dynamically to multiple output channels. Thus at the same time as printing – including very high volumes in very fast times – digital versions of the documents can be forwarded to a document archiving system. Or forwarded as an attachment by email.

Thus LibertySoft is often used to automate distribution (and sorting) of output documents.

The possible uses for LibertySoft are numerous
These extend from the production of particularly customer oriented documents, which bind these customers closer to your company and reduce the number of customer queries in total, to very specific cost savings.

These savings are achieved thanks to an optimised data processing, and for example cost reductions achieved by replacing traditional paper forms of communication with electronic document transfer through to the recipient (e.g. per email).


 *also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories and named hereafter LibertySoft