LibertySoft output channels and data formats

Dynamically output documents via various channels.

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Print output

Neutral data format

Once a device driver is selected, an output device specific data format is created.

Device drivers optimization

The output data stream for the specific target device taking into account the size of the data stream and achievable throughput (speed) of that device.

Output drivers support

Various printer data streams are supported including HP-PCL (PCL5), PostScript II, AFP (AFPDS), plus other specific printer formats. Drivers for line printer and label printer are also available and PDF is supported as well.

Barcode support

LibertySoft drivers support the output of barcode on all output devices (printers, fax, email, archiving, etc.), including multi-dimensional barcodes such as PDF-417.

Third party service providers

Data streams created by LibertySoft can be processed and printed on standard company printing devices and also used where the final printed output is outsourced.


Standard digital formats

Documents produced by LibertySoft can be forwarded as TIFF or Adobe’s PDF to whichever archiving system is installed and available.

Archiving at document level

LibertySoft archive interface works at the document level, feeding the archiving system one document at a time.

Archive to your archive system

LibertySoft has an open interface designed to work with almost any archiving system allowing the customer to choose the archiving solution best fitted to their company’s requirements.

LibertySoft components

To create digital archived output LibertySoft basis system, archive driver and LS/Archive components are required.

Email and SMS

Emailing individual documents

The LibertySoft LS/Mail interface works at document level. For each raw data section (input data) it can be determined whether the document formed from this data section is to be sent as an email.

Emailing attachments

A message template includes variables for data extracted from the raw input data and attaches an output document to it. The recipient receives a personalized email plus the formatted document containing all images, barcodes, etc.

Additional external attachments

Alongside the documents that LibertySoft produces, emails that are output from LS/Mail can include attachments. A PDF invoice, for example, can be forwarded with an additional flyer in HTML format.

Supported messaging systems

LS/Mail is used with a mail (SMTP) server. Documents to be transferred via SendMail can also be prepared using LibertySoft.

Output as PDF

Output documents as individual PDF files

LibertySoft provides various techniques which allow the formatted documents to be output to the file system under pre-defined directories and file names.

Output as fax

Faxing individual documents

The LibertySoft LS/Fax interface works at document level. The decision to fax the output document can be made dynamically depending on the information in each raw data section.

Formatted document per fax

Via the LS/Fax interface, LibertySoft transfers the formatted documents to whichever fax system is installed locally. The faxes contain the same formatted elements as the printed documents.

Other LibertySoft features

Integration and structure
Transform input data into formatted documents

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