LibertySoft integration and structure

Easy integration into existing IT hardware and software environments.

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Cross-platform integration

Integration into existing IT landscapes

Users can continue to deploy their current spooling and output management systems and combine these with additional document formatting, distributing and sorting capabilities provided by LibertySoft.

Print spooling or Output Management System (OMS)

LibertySoft can work with the standard spooling systems included with supported operating systems (Windows, several UNIX variants, z/OS) and with proprietary OMS systems from third-party suppliers.

The archive system of your choice

Digital copies of documents are forwarded in predefined formats such as PDF or TIFF via output interfaces to standard archive systems. LibertySoft also transfers required indexing information for the archive.

Communication and file output

LibertySoft offers suitable connectors for various messaging systems and communication servers for fax, email and SMS and for simple file output, e.g. PDF or HTML.

Numerous input formats

LibertySoft also provides a wide range of interfaces for various input data formats to convert such data into formatted business documents.

Other LibertySoft features

Dynamically output documents via various channels
Transform input data into formatted documents

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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