Integration & Structure

An important feature of LibertySoft is the ability to integrate the product into existing IT hardware and software environments.
Thus the functionality required for the formatting of business documents, including the sorting and distribution of those documents can be “plugged in” to existing systems, such as spooling systems.

Thus users can continue to deploy their existing spooling and OMS – or implement new systems of their choice – and combine these with the additional document formatting and communication capabilities provided by LibertySoft.

Print Spooling or OMS
LibertySoft can work with the standard spooling systems included with supported operating systems (Windows, several UNIX variants, z/OS) and with proprietary OMS systems from third-party suppliers. 
In German speaking countries DETEC markets and supports LibertySoft.

The Archive System of Your Choice
LibertySoft is just as open for integration with archiving systems as with spooling systems and OMSs.
A number of available interfaces for market leading archiving systems forward digital copies of the original, formatted documents for archiving in the format that these systems require. This not only means that standard document formats such as PDF or TIFF are used, LibertySoft also provides the required indexing information for the archive, which must usually be provided in a format tailored for the individual archiving system.

Communication and File Output
LibertySoft offers suitable connectors (input/output interfaces) for various messaging systems and communication servers for fax, e-mail and SMS and for simple file output, e.g. as PDF, XML or HTML output. 

Input Formats: broad coverage 
LibertySoft also provides a wide range of interfaces for various input data formats for transforming such data into formatted business documents.

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*also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories and named hereafter LibertySoft