Input Data Formats

LibertySoft transforms input data into formatted documents. It supports a number of various input data formats, including “raw data” and pre-formatted data streams. 

Pre-formatted data streams include information about the required presentation of the document or pages, for example PDF data or SAPGOF data from SAP. 

Post processing – or enrichment – of documents that already include formatting can be useful where such documents need to be further enhanced dynamically with external resources and or images, but should otherwise maintain their original data formatting.

Supported Input Data Formats

  • XML data from standard systems or custom applications such as XML from kVASy from SIV AG and XSF from SAP® systems
  • ASCII Text with both fixed or variable layout, e.g. line printer format.
  • PDF
  • From SAP® systems: XSF, RDI, SAPGOF, OTF, ALF

LibertySoft has been certified by SAP AG for the processing of the RDI (BC_RDI), XFP (BC_XFP) and XSF (BC_XSF) data formats.

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*also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories and named hereafter LibertySoft