LibertySoft* for SAP® Systems

For post processing of SAP output documents, for example collecting, sorting, postage handling, automatic distribution and also complex formatting requirements, SAP systems forward the documents to external systems

Via SAP certified interfaces, LibertySoft processes output data from SAP, transforming such data into formatted documents for various output media.

Coupled with extremely high throughput for the processing of large volumes of document, LibertySoft provides the personalization of documents demanded in the modern marketplace. For example, the inclusion of specific images or the inclusion of a brochure/flyer can be controlled by data dependent factors.


LibertySoft is not limited to use with SAP, it is a company wide solution for the creation, presentation and distribution of documents; it supports document data originating from other sources and in formats other than those created using SAP®script or SmartForms.

LibertySoft is required as an extension for standard SAP tools because LibertySoft...

  • offers functions for automatic distribution and sorting of (SAP) documents to various output channels and devices (printing, archiving, email, fax, file) based on distribution lists
  • supports special functions for print output: tray selection, controlling insertion of external flyers or brochures per document
  • includes the facility to control postage handling machinery and/or the preparation (including collection of various document types per recipient or package) required for postal charge optimization
  • supports additional output formats such as AFP for SAP output (AFPDS driver)
  • supports the creation and output of addtional, watermarked copies for all output devices
  • produces barcodes (including multi-dimensional, PDF417) for all output devices, including the archiving system without the need to install special barcode fonts on those devices
  • extends SAP output with external resources, for example, inclusion of graphical data from CAD applications, dynamic inclusion of graphics for publishing houses (a copy of a newspaper insert or advertisement from EPS files) thus directly increasing the opportunities to personalize the output document
  • supports existing SAP documents (all SAP output formats, OTF/SAPGOF, RDI, ABAP list, PDF, XSF) and can enhance these with additional processing,
  • can reduce network loads, particularly where large data volumes are concerned, and increases print speeds by the use of macro and overlay technology, even for Postscript devices
  • provides the ability to distribute document processing to a separate server (load balancing)

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*also known as LaserSoft in German-speaking territories and named hereafter LibertySoft