Output Management for the Mainframe
In addition to selling software products for output management on mainframes and add-ons for the DB 2 database system, DETEC started developing the in-house software product LaserSoft in its early business years in the late 80’s. In 1991, the first mainframe product version was released and first users were gained in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 1993, DETEC founded the LaserSoft User Group, which has since been holding a two-day conference every year.

LaserSoft for Client-Server Systems
From 1993 to 1996, several new mainframe product versions were introduced to the market; at the same time, the LaserSoft product line for client-server systems was developed. LaserSoft/UNIX first released in 1996 was upgraded to support all important Linux and Unix platforms, and in 1998 LaserSoft/NT linked in the Windows world. 

Sales Activities in Europe and the US
Starting in 1998, the LaserSoft System was sold outside the DACH region under the name ‘LibertySoft’. Sales and customer service partners were gained in the Benelux region, France, Italy, the UK and Scandinavia, and in 1999 a sales agreement was reached with a US partner.

Modules for Flexible Document Layout and Personalization
In 1999, the LS/Designer and LS/Mail-NT components were added to the LaserSoft line. LS/Designer is a layout environment with a GUI for designing documents under Windows and Linux. LS/Mail-NT facilitates automated, personalized sending of PDF documents via e-mail. In 2001, functions for sorting and distributing produced documents to printers, fax and e-mail interfaces as well as archive systems further extended the LaserSoft system, enabling the customization of documents for every recipient. Since 2002, it has been possible to output documents in XML format, and in 2003 an option for HTML was added. The documents are viewed in a normal Web browser. Another product, LS/View for printing previews of produced documents, followed. 

Automatically Updating and Enriching Documents

At the info days held in spring 2003, DETEC demonstrated the flexibility of its LibertySoft system: For the first time, it became possible to automatically supplement formatted documents with content from external applications (e.g. Web services) during the production process. The line items of the deposit statements generated with LibertySoft can be populated with the latest share prices retrieved over the Web.

Work Started on New Software Generation
In 2003, development of the LibertySoft successor for client-server platforms commenced: High flexibility, easy maintenance, transparency and performance were the key design goals. The specifications included an object-oriented design, Unicode as the foundation for all internal processing, a graphical user interface for all configuration and layout tasks of the user, as well as object-oriented implementation of the product in C++.

DoXite® Prototype Unveiled
By 2005 all main components – Integrated Configuration Environment, Process Control, Data and Document Styler – were completed and the product was named ‘DoXite’ following an internal brainstorming. At the annual conference in 2005, a prototype was unveiled and DETEC announced that LaserSoft users with a valid maintenance agreement will receive an upgrade to the new product free of charge.

Solutions for SAP® Environments and Archiving of PDFs

Parallel to developing the new DoXite flagship product, smaller software products were developed together with external development partners in 2006, including mySPAD® for central printer management in SAP systems and their synchronization with the output management system’s printer definitions. Next, DETEC introduced myPDFconvert® to the market, an ISO-compliant solution for creating and converting documents into the PDF/A format for long-term archiving. In cooperation with the partner secrypt based in Berlin, digital signatures can be added to PDF/A-compliant documents, allowing DETEC to offer e-billing functionality. In early 2007, myPDFconvert was introduced on the market. Among others, an insurance agency purchased 40,000 myPDFconvert single-user licenses.

DoXite 1.0 Is Released and Receives SAP Certification

After performing test runs in April and July 2007, in December 2007 release 1.0 of DoXite was released for operation. The new product was presented at DoXite informational events for LibertySoft users and in the context of customer workshops. In February 2008, SAP AG awarded the new DoXite system all certifications for external document formatters. Key items on the agenda of the annual DETEC user group conference in May 2008 included training seminars and the presentation of the first productive DoXite customer installations.

DETEC Becomes a Member of the Beta Systems Group
As the latest member and affiliated company of Beta Systems Software AG (Berlin), we have been able to leverage several opportunities of cooperation with the mother company since early 2009. Our customers profit from an expanded OM product portfolio across all platforms, improved international sales capabilities and better services offered at the local level.

UNICOM Systems acquires DETEC Software from Beta Systems 
With economic effect as of July 31, 2012 UNICOM Systems, Inc., a global information technology company and part of the UNICOM group of companies, acquired DETEC Software GmbH from Beta Systems Software AG.
As a result of the acquisition, DETEC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UNICOM.