The New Generation of Document Composition

  • Layout, production and distribution of printed and digital business documents - flexible and automatic
  • Customer-oriented optimization of print editions
  • Time- and cost saving print editions in parallel for mail, web, fax, or archive - PDF/A compliant and signed
  • Personalized communication
  • Unicode for worldwide use
  • ZUGFeRD and XRechnung for eInvoicing

Design Made Simple – Multilingual and Omnichannel-Ready

Production of business documents is a great challenge for global players. It begins with the simple requirement to support character encodings in any order. Much more complex is the output of documents containing different languages or layouts, barcodes and/or digital signatures as e-mail attachment, web, fax or archive document. DoXite, the document composition system from DETEC, provides numerous features to meet these requirements. Fast, flexible and easy to use, DoXite enables companies to reliably create personalized customer communications at scale.


DoXite for SAP®

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"DoXite automatically designs and produces any kind of documents for several output media - multilingual, high-performance, flexible and with the user's individual layout."